\ the strongest

taintedwhitesnake said: My, quite interesting to see you alive, Quinto. It was most unpleasant to think a lowly Shinigami could bring you down the likes of you.

He looked down at the Arrancar before him, recognising her as one of the Tercera’s whores. She still sounded like a pompous ass, much to his disgust. With a simple sonido, he was before her, barely any distance seperating the two of them. Nothing to keep her safe from what he could do to her. Teeth bared in a grimmace of disgust, he looked down, examining her with a hate-filled eye. The reiatsu coming off of him reeked of bloodlust, suffocating in nature. Nothing pissed him off quite like a woman who tried to talk down at him.

"Fuck off before I smash your head against the wall, bitch. ”

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